1Password for iOS Features: There and back again with the clipboard

The scene: you’re creating a new password for a Login or another app on your device.

The protagonist: you.

The antagonist: tapping too many times to create a password, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it somewhere else.

The solution: our new Copy to Clipboard option in 1Password for iOS!

Whenever you create a new password now, it will automatically be copied to your clipboard, ready and waiting to be pasted into a tab in the all-new Web Mode browser or another app. You can tap the “show password recipe” option while using the Strong Password Generator to see the “Copy to clipboard” option, among others, or even disable it. But the story’s not done, yet.

We wanted to ensure your new passwords don’t sit forever in your clipboard where you may accidentally paste them into a message or a tweet hours or days later. To solve this challenge, we gave 1Password for iOS a “clear clipboard” option (Settings > Security) for anything you copy out of 1Password for iOS, then turned it on out-of-the-box. The default is 90 seconds, but you can push that all the way up to five minutes or “never.”

This way you can create your new password, copy it to your clipboard literally without lifting a finger, paste it into your final destination, then sit back and let 1Password clear your clipboard for you, keeping that info safe and sound.

1Password for iOS—keeping your info safe since 2008, and now saving you even more extra taps since December 2012.