Take Control of 1Password, a new ebook by Joe Kissell

Take Control of 1Password book cover

You might recall the eminent Joe Kissell from other books like Take Control of Your Passwords. Clearly smitten with 1Password 4 for Mac, he decided to write an entire new ebook about how to get the most out of it, and even included sections for our iOS, Windows, and Android for good measure.

Take Control of 1Password is a brand new ebook dedicated to 1Password 4 for Mac, and we couldn’t be happier Joe wrote it. Joe will help you get started with our foundational features like creating and filling website Logins, and all the other types of information that can fit in 1Password’s vaults. But he also walks you through our brand new features in 1Password 4 for Mac, like sharing vaults of items with family or coworkers and the new Security Audit to help you understand more about your vault and which passwords might need updates.

Whether you pick up the new 1Password 4 for Mac in the Mac App Store or here in our web store, be sure to check out the Take Control of 1Password ebook so you can do exactly what it says on the tin.