Feed Wrangler for iOS debuts with 1Password login support

Feed Wrangler 1P iconGoogle Reader shuts down soon, so avid news readers are searching for alternative services and apps. One such alternative just debuted yesterday called Feed Wrangler, and it has some really clever features, including one that landed it on our Apps that Love 1Password page.

If you have 1Password for iOS installed, Feed Wrangler displays a 1Password button on the login page. Tap it, and you’ll switch over to 1Password with an AutoSearch already filled in for Feed Wrangler. From there you can quickly copy your password, switch back to Feed Wrangler and log in.

Feed Wrangler has some great features worth checking out, like Smart Feeds for filtering out items you don’t want to read, and automatically marking a story as read if it’s already in your Instapaper or Pocket queue. Plus, Feed Wrangler debuted as a paid service—just $18.99 a year with free access to the apps—so you know they’re not looking to sell out to Google, Yahoo, or Facebook and turn it into a social ranking app for crowd-sourcing shopping recommendation ratings.