Up your 1Password-fu with keyboard shortcuts

Vault lock shortcut 1000px

I don’t know about you, but constantly typing my login details is not my favourite part about visiting websites, and digging for my credit cards, then typing all those details takes all the fun out of shopping.

Fortunately, 1Password and some handy keyboard shortcuts are happy to save you a ton of time with all these less-than-thrilling parts of being online, so you can spend more time on the stuff that matters.

1Password’s bread ‘n butter

One of our best, long-standing shortcuts is Command-\ (for PC users, Command = Control). This game-changer instantly fills and submits your Login for the current page, so you get in and get going with a single shortcut. If you have more than one Login for the page, a 1Password menu will list them all so you can arrow up and down, then hit Return on the one you need.

Of course, many standard computing shortcuts work for 1Password, too: Command-N will create a new item for you, Command-E will edit an existing item, and Command-S will save the edits.

Fill forms with the 1Password menu

“Password” might be in the app’s name, but 1Password also fills things like registration forms and shopping carts. First, you’ll want to open the main 1Password app and create a couple Identities and Credit Card items.

Then, on a page with a form you want to fill, press Command-Option-\ (Control-Alt-\ on PC) to display the 1Password menu. There you can arrow to the Identities or Credit Cards section, arrow right to find the item you need, and hit Return to sign up for a new service or checkout online faster than you can say “Siri, remind me to review our monthly budget.”

Switch vaults (Mac)

switching vaults

switching vaults

We introduced Multiple Vaults in 1Password 4 for Mac, allowing you to securely share and sync items with a team at work, your family members, and monthly D&D squad.

Each vault gets a numbered keyboard shortcut. To switch between them, open the 1Password app or 1Password mini’s menu in your browser and use Command-2 for your second vault, Command-3 for the next, etc. Command-1 is always your primary, personal vault.

Lock 1Password

Control-Option-Command-L on your Mac or Control-L on your PC will lock 1Password and keep it safe from any prying eyes.

Copy an item’s password

Command-Shift-C on your Mac in 1Password or 1Password mini, Control-Shift-C on your PC in 1Password, to copy the password for the selected item.

Reveal a password

If you’re a cautious sort and prefer to keep your passwords safely obscured behind dots, simply hold down the Option key on your Mac, or Control-R on your PC to sneak a peek at the password.

The whole enchilada

Find the full list of keyboard shortcuts for 1Password 4 for Mac here and 1Password 4 for Windows here.

1Password Power Tip [Mac]: Use 1Click Bookmarks just about anywhere besides your browser

Boy, it sure is easy to log into sites from 1Password or the 1Password browser extension; after all, that’s kind of the point. But what if you want that easy access from other apps, or a way to organize Logins related to a certain project with all the other stuff for that project? We’ve got you covered.

You know 1Password’s 1Click Bookmarks feature, the one that enables you to create bookmarks that log you in with a single click? Well, your browser’s toolbar isn’t the only place those can live. Put simply: you can drag a 1Click Bookmark into almost any app. Think about that for a second.

A 1Click Bookmark in an OmniFocus task note, complete with its title from 1Password!

So, to start with the example that our intrepid Code Wrangler, Jamie Phelps, posted to his blog: you could create a new task in OmniFocus to remind you to check in on a website and, to make your task easier when the time comes, drag that site’s Login from 1Password into OmniFocus’s task creation window. Later, when it’s time to get things done, you can click your 1Click Bookmark from OmniFocus to open the site, unlock the 1Password extension (if necessary), and get to checking off that box even more quickly.

A 1Click Bookmark in iCal

If iCal is more your thing, you could create a new event or reminder to, say, buy flowers for your special someone or pay off your credit card. Drag your Login for or your bank into the iCal editor’s URL field, and later on you can click the bookmark you created in iCal to automatically log into its site—all without touching 1Password or even needing to manually open your browser.

Heck, you can even drag 1Click Bookmarks to your desktop or the document side of your Dock if that’s how you roll. If OS X or an app supports clickable URLs and files, you should be able to drag over your 1Password Login to make it easier and faster to log into sites and get things done.