Apps that Love 1Password: Pushpin for Pinboard

Pushpin loginLike Twitter overload and email overload before it, plenty of people these days suffer from bookmark overload—too many links, too many places, too hard to find them all when it matters. That’s why great apps like Dan Loewenherz‘s Pushpin, a client for Pinboard, exist.

Pinboard lets you collect and organize all your bookmarks, things to read, and random links in a single place. As you have already deduced, Pushpin is a great iPhone client for using Pinboard and its many features, including searching all your bookmarks, viewing bookmarks across the entire site by tag and feeds, and adding bookmarks on the fly from other apps.

With a big ol’ 2.0 upgrade, Pushpin now makes it much easier to log into your Pinboard account using 1Password.

Thanks to Dan Loewenherz for adding a little 1Password to Pushpin so it can join the ranks of Apps that Love 1Password!