1Password Tips: A quick way to create Software License items [Mac]

One of 1Password’s many tricks is being a handy, secure place to store all your software licenses. You know, all those apps you’ve bought over the years, or all those multi-user licenses you have to keep track of for your business? Instead of leaving those lying around in Sticky Notes and random Mail folders, the File > New Item > New Software License option in 1Password could do wonders for your organizational mojo.

But wait, there’s an even faster way to create a Software License item! If you simply drag and drop an app from Finder onto 1Password or its Dock icon, a new Software License item will be automatically created with that app’s icon, name, and current version—half the work’s already been done for you! The only thing left is to paste your license for safe keeping and add any other details you want to hang onto.

Software license

For a bonus tip two-fer: don’t forget that every 1Password Vault type—including Logins, Identities, and Secure Notes—supports file attachments. While you’re editing your Software License item, you can drag-and-drop text files, custom license files, or even messages straight out of Mail into the Attachments area at the bottom of the item.

And now you know!