1Password 4 for Windows Tip: How to upgrade from the previous version

1P4 Windows hero banner 600pxLet’s face it: the new 1Password 4 for Windows is awesome. Everybody’s upgrading, and I want to make that process as seamless as possible. You can see more details on our upgrade policy and process in this support document, but here’s the cliff notes version.

If you purchased in 2013 or 2014, version 4 is free!

Nope, not a typo. Our free upgrade window for 1Password 4 for Windows is a whopping one-and-a-half years wide. All you need to do is:

  1. Download and install 1Password 4 for Windows
  2. open 1Password and go to Help > Enter License Key
  3. Enter your existing license key
  4. Enjoy 1Password 4 for Windows!

If you purchased before 2013, take advantage of our upgrade pricing!

There’s an extra step, but it’s still super simple. Before you install 1Password 4:

  1. Open 1Password, find your 1Password license item, and copy it, OR
    1. Go to Help > Enter License Key and click the Replace License button
    2. Select and copy your entire license from that window
  2. Visit
  3. Paste your license code, click ‘Search’, and check out your upgrade options
  4. Download and install 1Password 4 using your spiffy new license
  5. Enjoy 1Password 4 for Windows!

This should get you on your way, but you can follow a more detailed process in our support document if you like. As always, thanks for using 1Password!

1Password 4 for Android and Windows are a hit!

Windows Android hero

June has been quite the month for us! We released 1Password 4 for Android and Windows, and we’re thrilled that you like us. You really, really like us!

For the v4 Android debut, Android CentralBoy Genius Report, Lifehacker, and PCMag were excited, with SlashGear saying it “does justice to its namesake.” The Next Web went in-depth with the new version, The Verge says “this is the password manager you should be using,” and then there’s GreenbotGotta Be Mobile, International Business Times, and plenty more.

On the Windows side, InfoWorld called v4 a “strong password manager” and lists it among the best. SlashGear and Engadget are excited, and TechCentral says it’s an “impressive password management tool”. Then there’s PC & Tech Authority, SoftonicTechgear, iPhoneclub… and that’s probably enough links for one day.

We are absolutely delighted to get these major releases out there, and the feedback to support and in our forums has been fantastic! We put “Agile” in our name for a reason, so there’s plenty more where this came from. To see what we have coming next, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and our newsletter!

1Password 4 for Android is here

1P4 Android bot 230Ladies and gentlemen, 1Password 4 has gone green.

Well, ok, we haven’t added solar panels (yet), I meant the other green: 1Password 4 for Android is now rolling out for phones and tablets. It is a brand new app and should be available in Google Play soon as soon as Google’s servers update!

This is a fully operational, add-and-edit-all-your-items-able, one-tap Login-able new version of 1Password that has been rebuilt from the first line of code to the last icon.

It’s also free!

An experiment

We don’t call ourselves AgileBits for nothing, so we’re trying something new with this release. 1Password 4 for Android is a free app, and through August 1, 2014, all features are unlocked and free for everyone to try. After that, it will switch to being a reader client for your vault, a perfect companion for syncing your data with 1Password for Mac and PC.

If you want all editing features of 1Password 4 for Android after August 1, you can unlock them with a one-time in-app purchase. We’re still figuring out what that price is going to be, but we’ll have details soon!

Available now-ish and full release notes

We just hit the big red button in Google Play, so 1Password 4 for Android is rolling out as a free upgrade to our previous Android edition. If you don’t see it yet, you should soon, and thanks for your patience.

For those who like to dig through the full release notes, they’re just below the gallery.

Overall package

  • Phone and Tablet UI – a true, modern app for both devices
  • Rich and redesigned icons
  • Free app
  • All features free to try until August 1
  • Turns into a reader on August 1, unlock all features with a one-time in-app purchase (price TBD)


  • Manage your vault – add, edit, and delete items
  • Support for viewing attachments added from Mac or PC
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Viewing custom fields
  • Viewing web form details


  • Mark items as Favorites for quick access
  • Updated and expanded item categories
  • Folders and sub-folders


  • Built-in browser so you can log in with a tap
  • Easily copy Login and other details to use in other apps


  • Dropbox sync
  • Folder sync
  • Automatic sync
  • Background sync
  • Sync notifications (notification drawer and on-screen)
  • Merge local data with an existing vault


  • Lock all of your important items behind a secure Master Password
  • Tamper-proof Authenticated Encryption using AES-256 using Encrypt-then-MAC
  • Same solid foundation as 1Password for Mac and 1Password for iOS
  • PIN code (not limited to 4 digits)
  • Automatically clear clipboard
  • Automatically lock vault when idle

1Password 4 for Mac is here

1P4 Mac icon

62 alpha releases.

96 betas.

Over 20,000 beta testers.

My Mac stopped counting lines of revamped code.

After more than a year of work, 1Password 4 for Mac is available now in the Mac App Store and here in our web store!

What’s new?

Everything. Yes, really. From an entirely new interface to the return of Wi-Fi Sync for those who don’t want their data in the cloud, 1Password 4 for Mac has over 90 new features that allow “security” and “convenience” to coexist in the same sentence without tearing a rift in the space-time continuum. Check out the highlights:

  • Completely redesigned interface – crafted by Dan V Peterson with Mavericks and simplicity in mind
  • Multiple and Shared Vaults – create separate vaults to share with business or family members that each get their own sync preferences and locations (take 1Password > New Demo Vault for a quick spin!)
  • 1Password mini – a full-featured menubar utility with vault search, item details, vault switching, window anchor options, and more
  • All-new extension with Opera support – the front-end for our JavaScript extension and 1Password mini is now built on Cocoa, giving you a unified experience across every browser
  • Shared Items – if sharing an entire vault is overkill, you can share individual items (Logins, Secure Notes, memberships) with another person via email or obfuscated iMessage, just like iOS! If your recipient makes changes and shares the item back to you, 1Password will update your existing item
  • 256-bit Authenticated Encryption, PBKDF2 with HMAC-SHA512, and other major security enhancement – 1Password not only keeps your data private, but also tamper-proof. This forestalls many attacks that haven’t even been dreamt of yet
  • Wi-Fi Sync is back – many of our customers asked for a way to sync with 1Password 4 for iPhone and iPad but keep their data out of The Cloud, and we delivered
  • iCloud sync – naturally
  • Favorites – also just like iOS, quick access to your most important and frequently used items
  • Third-party App Integration – You can choose to enable support for Alfred, LaunchBar, and Quicksilver, allowing you to quickly search and open Logins from the Mac’s great productivity utilities

Check out our brand new Mac site to see all the ways 1Password can make staying secure more convenient. Grab 1Password 4 in the Mac App Store today and here in our web store!

Upgrades and launch sale

So, what does this all cost for existing and and soon-to-be customers? You already read the great news, so here’s some more great news (ProTip: there is no bad news):

  • All Mac App Store purchases of 1Password 3 get 1Password 4 for free. Yes, all of them
  • All website customers who purchased 1Password for Mac in 2013 get v4 for free. Yes, that’s a nine-month free upgrade window
  • Launch sale price for new customers: $39.99 – that’s 20% off the regular price of $49.99 for single-user license, and $55.99 for family license
  • Launch upgrade sale price for website customers who bought before 2013: $24.99 – that’s $10 off our regular upgrade price of $34.99, and $34.99 for the family pack (half price from the regular upgrade of $69.99!)

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I did verify all that with the folks upstairs. It’s legit!

We hope you enjoy all the incredible enhancements in 1Password 4 for Mac, because we sure loved creating them. As always, if you need anything, get in touch with our incredible support team with questions or anything else on your mind.

Say hello to the new 1Password for iOS

You may have seen the news and incredible reviews elsewhere, so we are absolutely delighted, thrilled, ecstatic, and, overjoyed to tell you that the new 1Password for iOS is here. In the App Store. Right now. If you’re curious about making the transition, we have a great new FAQ too.

What’s the big deal about the fourth edition of 1Password for iOS? In short, everything.

We spent more than a year thinking, designing, dreaming, drafting, listening, testing, and ultimately building. The new 1Password for iOS marks a new era for the most incredible password and identity manager for the iPhone and iPad which, in the words of Rene Ritchie at iMore, has been “redone from pixel to bit.”

We have an all-new interfaces for both iPhone and iPad that’s easier to use and even more beautiful; a full-featured Web Mode with tabbed browsing and form filling for Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards; iCloud sync; custom templates; Favorites for quick access to your most-used stuff… I could go on, or you could check it out in the App Store or go through just some of our best new stuff below:

  • 110% redesigned interface – It’s a whole new app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!
  • All-New Favorites section – You asked for quick access to your most used stuff, you got it!
  • All-New Web Mode – A full browser with tabbed browsing on iPhone and iPad, a URL bar—the works!
  • All-New Form Filling – Just like the Mac and PC versions, you now have Logins, Identities, and Credit Cards just a tap away in the all-new Web Mode
  • All-New Vault Mode – A redesigned place to organize your items by Categories, Favorites, Folders, and powerful search
  • Global Search – Search your entire Vault, Favorites, or a specific Category
  • iCloud sync support – 1Password sync: Not just for Dropbox anymore!
  • Folders – All the joy of folder organization from the desktop on your mobile device
  • Customize your items – Let each item be the unique snowflake that it was created to be.
  • Introducing Linked accounts – Multiple URLs can be associated with a single Login.
  • Action Bar — Swipe across an item to easily Smart Copy, Favorite, Open in Browser, or Delete.
  • View Attachments on iOS – Viewable on iOS, just like on the desktop!
  • Auto-Copy for passwords created with the Strong Password Generator (tap the “show password recipe” when using the SPG)
  • Supports 13 languages – English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Norwegian
  • Demo Mode – Want to show off 1Password to a friend or post a screenshot, but don’t want to share your Vault with the world? Enable Demo Mode in Settings, lock 1Password, then type “demo” as your Master Password to make 1Password 4 for iOS load up a bunch of sample data instead of your personal Vault.
  • A brand new Quick Tour for new users. It’s much easier to get started with 1Password now.
  • PC-less sync setup – We now use iCloud and Dropbox’s new API to get you setup with sync, so you no longer need a Mac or PC to setup sync for your iPhone and iPad.
  • Better backups – Not only faster, but now it is a part of iTunes File Sharing feature in Settings > Sync.
  • Strong Password Generator is now included in all of your password fields—secure passwords everywhere.
  • Auto-Copy for passwords created with the Strong Password Generator (on by default, but tap the “show password recipe” when using the SPG to see it and other options)
  • Clear Clipboard – New in Settings, enabled by default, this option lets you clear your iOS clipboard at intervals of 30 seconds to five minutes. Great for preventing apps or websites from grabbing your passwords or other sensitive data.

We also streamlined 1Password for iOS to a single, new, universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that requires iOS 6 and has a unified price of $17.99. But to celebrate a year of work and our best release to date, we’re holding a Launch Celebration and Upgrade Sale of just $7.99—over 50 percent off! Get it while the sale lasts, because we’re not sure yet when it’s going to end.

We’d like to thank our fearless developers, visionary designers, steadfast customer support team, and of course our incredible customers for making the new 1Password for iOS what it is today. We hope you love it, because this is just the beginning.