1Password, the Microsoft Surface, and Windows 8

Have you seen the new Microsoft Surface? Judging from our email queues, a lot of you have and are pretty excited about it. We are too, and I’d like to clear up some confusion about 1Password for Windows and Microsoft’s new platform.

Long story short: last week Microsoft released Windows RT and the Surface, a slick new tablet it designed in-house. While Windows RT has “Windows” in the name, it’s actually an entirely new platform (based on ARM CPUs, similar to what’s in Apple’s iPhone and iPad) that has its own new way of working both behind the wheel for you, the users, and under the hood for us developers. The new interface, powered by colorful icon tiles that you can customize, is typically referred to as “Metro-style.”

There is a second flavor of Microsoft’s new OS on the way soon, one that most people will probably be more familiar with: Windows 8 Pro. While Windows 8 Pro contains the same new Metro-style interface of Windows RT, you can switch out to the traditional Windows desktop environment that most Windows users are familiar with, where most traditional Windows apps will work.

Right now, 1Password for Windows doesn’t work on the Surface or other Windows-RT-only tablets. However, 1Password for Windows will work in the traditional desktop mode on the upcoming Windows 8 Pro devices, and can even work in Google Chrome’s Metro-style version if you install our extension (but not IE). As for Firefox, we’re waiting for a Metro-style edition to test.

I know it’s a little confusing, but ambitious new projects like this usually are. We’re really excited to check out Microsoft’s new platform and see what is possible with 1Password. Stay tuned.